Advisory Services

Guiding your investment decisions by virtue of our in-depth analysis of current and anticipated economic conditions

What is Advisory Asset Management?

Advisory Asset Management is an alternative mode of portfolio management in the context of which you (the client) assume a more active role in the management of your portfolio. Specifically, investment advisor makes recommendations about possible changes in your portfolio which are always in line with your objectives and risk profile. However, no buy-sell decisions are implemented without your final consent.

What sort of interactions are you expected to have with your Investment Advisor?

Advisory Portfolio Management assumes a constant and timely interaction between you and the investment advisor. This interaction may take the following forms:

  • You come up with an investment idea that you think it has some potential. For example, you suspect that a specific sector is underpriced. Before you act on this belief, you may contact your investment advisor to discuss this idea with him, ask for additional information about this proposal, and ultimately decide whether this idea has any rational underpinnings or it is just a hasty “hunch”.
  • Your investment advisor forms the opinion that an attractive investment opportunity has presented itself. He has the obligation to contact and notify you about this opportunity. You, on the other hand, have the right to challenge his opinion and ask him to explain in detail the rationale behind his proposal. This dialogue might lead you to the conclusion that (i) your advisor’s proposal is indeed interesting or (ii) it is founded on insufficient evidence or faulty reasoning. In the first case, you authorize your advisor to proceed and transform his proposal into an investment action. On the contrary, if you fail to be convinced, you reject his proposal, thus not altering the composition of your portfolio.
  • Your advisory needs might not relate to individual investment ideas and proposals, but rather to an overall assessment of current economic conditions together with an outlook for the market behavior in both the short and medium term. Assetwise is capable of meeting this type of demand by providing analytic information that will help you to discern between what is essential for the markets and what is irrelevant material or simple noise. Separating the wheat from the chaff requires careful analysis by professionals who are accustomed to deal with the intricacies of the markets on a daily basis, and come up with well-processed and hence, profitable investment idea. This idea is conveyed to you via customized presentations followed by a questions-and-answers session over which all of your queries about economies and markets will be answered in a structured and exhaustive manner.