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This is a running estimate of the US real GDP growth for the current quarter. Since actual data on GDP growth for the current quarter are published at the beginning of the next quarter, the need of estimating the current (but unobservable) rate at which the economy growth naturally arises. The GDP-now estimate of the current GDP growth is obtained via a mathematical model that relates GDP growth for the current quarter to a set of economic indicators – that are emerging during the course of this quarter.

This is a similar methodology for producing real-time estimates of the current GDP growth which incorporates a wide range of macroeconomic data as it becomes available.

This is a nowcasting model for US inflation. Its philosophy is similar to those for nowcasting GDP described above. Specifically, this model provides an estimate for current and next period’s US inflation rate based on real-time, inflation-related, high frequency data.

This is a measure of the rate of growth of US nominal wages, obtained by utilizing microdata from the Current Population Survey. This may be thought of as a contributing factor of future US inflation rate as well as of future profit margins of US corporations.