Board of Directors

Mr. Nikolaos Pantelakis is the Chairman of the Board of AssetWise Capital Management. He is also Chairman and C.E.O of Pantelakis Securities S.A., one of the oldest companies in the brokerage industry in Greece, with a leading position in the domestic market. He has also served as C.E.O of HSBC Pantelakis Securities S.A.. Mr. Pantelakis has many years of experience in the stock brokerage industry, starting in 1978 at John Pantelakis Stockbrokers. He also worked at EF Hutton & Co., as an account executive. Moreover, Mr. Pantelakis has served as a board member of the Greek Capital Market Commission from 2004 to 2009. At the same time, he served as Chairman of the Board of the Investor Compensation Scheme. Finally, from 2003 to 2008 he served as Vice Chairman of the Association of Members of the Athens Stock Exchange. Mr. Pantelakis holds a B.Sc. in Economics, an Econometrics from the University of Geneva and an MBA from the University of Chicago.

Mr. Morianos has extensive experience in the investment management industry. He started his professional career in 1988 as a financial analyst at Alpha Bank. He later worked as a portfolio manager at Alpha Investment Co. Then, he joined the Hellenic Investment Company S.A, where he served as member of the Board, C.E.O, Chief Investment Officer and Chairman of the Investment Committee.
In 1999, he was elected Chairman of the Board and the Investment Committee of DIAS Investment Co. In 2001, he became C.E.O in Telesis Investment Management S.A, where he was a major shareholder and Chairman of the Investment Committee until 2003, when the company was sold to Eurobank and was renamed Eurobank Asset Management S.A..
At Eurobank Asset Management S.A., which then merged with the Mutual Fund Company of Eurobank, Mr. Morianos worked for 10 years as a member of the Board, General Manager, C.E.O. and Chairman of the Investment Committee.
Mr. Morianos has also served as a board member of the companies, GFM Levant Capital Cayman Ltd, Eurobank EFG Cyprus, and as Chairman of the Board of DIAS II Specialized Investment Fund Luxembourg (2012-2013) and Eurobank Fund Management Company Luxembourg (2011-2013).
From 2012 until 2018, Mr. Morianos was a member of the Board and the Investment Committee of the listed in Luxembourg Stock Exchange, Ophelia Investments S.A. Moreover, Mr. Morianos has served as Vice President of the Association of Greek Institutional Investors and of the Association of Investment Services Companies.
Mr. Morianos holds a degree in Economics from Athens University, and an MBA from Boston University.

Mr. Alexandros Tsoukopoulos is the Chief Investment Officer of AssetWise Capital Management. Prior to AssetWise Mr. Tsoukopoulos was a Senior Director in the Institutional Sales Department of Eurobank EFG Asset Management M.F.M.C., responsible for international sales. Previously, as a Senior Director in the Investment Management Division of Eurobank EFG Asset Management, he was in charge of the Portfolio Management for private clients. He has also served as head of the Discretionary Asset Management unit for Eurobank EFG, as a portfolio manager for private clients with Merrill Lynch Pierce Fenner and Smith (Hellas) and as Investment Consultant with Societe Generale, Athens. Mr. Tsoukopoulos holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Illinois and a BA in Economics from the University of La Verne, California.

Mrs. Polytimi Salma joined Assetwise as Head of Operations Department and DPO and she is now the General Manager as well as one of AssetWise’s founding members since the incorporation of the company. She has worked in positions of responsibility in management and operations, gaining experience in large organizations. She started her career at Hilton Athens then Sprider S.A. at operations department and then switched to the banking sector. In 2007 she joined Eurobank Asset Management S.A. as senior administrator and stayed after the merger with Eurobank M.F.M.C. until 2013. She holds a bachelor degree from the Department of Management and Economics, Section Tourism Management from the Technological Institute of Crete, and an MSc in Economics from the Department of Banking and Financial Management at the University of Piraeus with distinction.

Mr. Doucas Paleologos has an extensive experience in the insurance and broader financial sector. He started his career from the family business, the insurance company Ellinovretaniki in 1972, where later he undertook as Chairman and C.E.O, a position which he held after 1999, when Ellinovretaniki merged with Alpha Insurance Company. In 2004 he was appointed President and C.E.O., in the leading company of the insurance sector in Greece, Ethniki Insurance. Mr. Paleologos has been widely active in the insurance industry, having served as General Secretary, Vice president and President of the Greek Association of Insurance Companies. Co-founder and Chairman of many companies during his career, such as the Midland-Ellinovretaniki Mutual Funds Company(1985), Palmafone Hellenic Mobile Communication(1992), BonumTerrae S.A.(2011), MPD Club S.A.(2001), Guardian Telematics (2014). Mr. Paleologos is a member of the B.O.D of AssetWise Capital Managent and one of its founders, while a shareholder and BoD Member of Pantelakis Securities S.A. Mr. Paleologos has also worked in the UK for several insurance companies such as Century Insurance Co. LTD and, Glanvill Ethoven Insurance Brokers. He holds a law degree from the Athens University and MBA from INSEAD Fontainbleau.

Mr. Ioannis Pantelakis has a long experience in the financial industry while he is working currently as a Financial Analyst in Pantelakis Securities. He is an Athens’ College graduate and he holds a B.Sc. in Economics from The American College of Greece. Mr. Ioannis Pantelakis is certified by the Hellenic Capital Market Commission.